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candlesnuffer: ‘apsomeophone’ digital

Digital reissue from Room40 featuring the initial audio master and track sequence of the CD release.

[posted 15 May 2022]


candlesnuffer: ‘apsomeophone’ vinyl

New edition limited to 100 copies pressed on coke bottle green, transparent vinyl with a light swirl of dark green added. A record of odes originally released on CD in 2005.

[posted 15 May 2022]


Overtone Ensemble, ‘2’

Expanding from the instrumentation on their first album, these new recordings utilize Vibrissa instruments, plus a range of extended techniques on old instruments including timpani, bowed piano, bowed glockenspiel, bowed guitar as well as some new instruments like doppler rods and whirled tubes.

[posted 15 May 2022]


candlesnuffer, Eggs From A Varnished Chest

These compositions are derived from improvisations performed on a slack-strung tenor guitar with ‘in the moment’ electronic processing dispatched via an array of stomp boxes.

[posted 15 May 2022]


NEW RELEASE 2CD, Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Bern . Melbourne . Milan

Archival and live recordings from Australia's premiere prepared acoustic improvising trio. Recordings ranging from 2002 - 2018.

Pateras/Baxter/Brown perform in Europe for the first time in 11 years at Festival Jazz Willisau on Saturday 31st August 2019.

[posted 22 July 2019]

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