candlesnuffer aka david brown

... the 'real' sound of piano or guitar disappears ...

as candlesnuffer
Eggs from a Varnished Chest DL
Room40, 2020

with candlesnuffer & Lukas Simonis
Porous Diesel DL

with Stone Echidna
the disagreeable subject of Varèse's father LP

with David Brown and James Clayden
Plant Hunting in Japan LP
Aphanisis Records, 2020

with Pateras / Baxter / Brown
Bern . Melbourne . Milan CD
Immediata, 2019

with I Hold The Lion's Paw
Abstract Playgrounds CD/LP
Earshift Music, 2018

with Overtone Ensemble
Overtone Ensemble CD
Important Records, 2016

with Overtone Ensemble
Longitudes cassette
Cassauna, 2016

with Domenico Sciajno
Sonic Shuffle USB/Application
Sonic Shuffle, 2013
reviews and artist listing

with Brown, Grierson, Jelinek, Macarow, Samartzis, Weiland, Winter
Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing book - ASP, 2013

with Helium Clench
Sieve LP
Bocian Records, 2013

with culture of un
Moonish CD
Bocian Records, 2012

with candlesnuffer & Lukas Simonis
Nature Stands Aside CD
hellosQuare, 2011

with Terminal Hz
behind the signal CD
NUX, 2011

as candlesnuffer
mimosa CD
hellosQuare, 2009

with Pateras/Baxter/Brown
Live at l'Usine CD
cave12, 2008

with Abe Sada
The Lost Chord CD
Kubitsuri Tapes, 2008

with Pateras/Baxter/Brown
Interference CD, 2008
reviews + mp3

with Embers
Slag-welter CD
Heathen Skulls, 2008

with Francois Tetaz
Rogue CD
Rubber Records, 2008

as candlesnuffer
Wakool CD
Room40, 2007

with Philip Samartzis
Unheard Spaces CD
microphonics, 2006

with Morpho
Morpho CD
Dr Jim's, 2006

with Pateras/Baxter/Brown
Gauticle CD
Synaesthesia, 2006
reviews + mp3

as candlesnuffer
apsomeophone CD
Lexicon Devil, 2005

with Francoiz Tetaz
Wolf Creek Original motion picture soundtrack CD
Rubber Records, 2005
reviews + mp3

with Philip Brophy
Aurévélateur CD
Sound Punch, 2005

with Bucketrider
L'Événements CD
Dr Jim's, 2004

with Pateras/Baxter/Brown
Ataxia CD
Synaesthesia, 2004
reviews + mp3

with Western Grey
Glacial Erratic CD
Dr Jim's, 2003

with Lazy
Microsonics CD
Dr Jim's, 2002

as candlesnuffer
candlesnuffer CD
Dr Jim's, 2001

with bucketrider
Le Baphomet CD
Dr Jim's, 2001

with kk null / david brown
terminal hz CD
Groundfault, 2000

with Dreamland Happy Times For All
plays Krautrock classics CD EP
self-produced, 2000

with lazy
(CD by Philip Samartzis, utilising lazy sound sources)
Windmills Bordered by Nothingness CD
Dorobo, 1999

with lazy/Philip Brophy
one large magnetic cartridge CD
Sound Punch, 1999

with bucketrider
guignol's band CD
Dr Jim's, 1998

with bucketrider
adoration of the lamb CD
Dr Jim's, 1998

with Dumb and the Ugly
Atmospheres of Metal CD
Dr Jim's, 1993

with Dumb and the Ugly
Blue Monk 7" single
Dr Jim's, 1991

with Dumb and the Ugly
Dumb and the Ugly 12" EP
Dr Jim's, 1990

with Signals
Gimme some lovin' cassette
rash(DECISIONS), 1982

with Signals
Non-conjurer cassette
rash(DECISIONS), 1981


with pateras/baxter/brown
on Loose Canon
Australia Council for the Arts, 2006
track: Bulbous

with bucketrider
on Melbourne Water Vol .2
W-Minc, 2006
track: evenement 8 - le syndicalisme revolutionnaire

with anthony pateras/
david brown

on Xing-Wu / Insight
Xing-Wu, 2004
track: Duet

as candlesnuffer
on Motion
Preservation, 2003
track: Aden Knot

as David Brown
on Red 01
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2002
track: Untitled microsonics, recorded with Philip Samartzis and Sean Baxter

as David Brown
on Variable Resistance: Ten Hours of Sound from Australia
23Five & San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2002
track: were holes mended

as David Brown
on Grain
Dorobo, 2002
track: Voices of the air shaft

as candlesnuffer
on strewth!
Synaesthesia, 2002
track: bathe him in paper

with candlesnuffer
on LIKE, art magazine - sound issue CD
Faculty of Art Design and Communication, RMIT, 2001
track: shadow brushed to shine

with candlesnuffer vs Dreamland Happy Times for All
on Class of Zero Zero
north south hi, 2000
track: hazel motes

with Dumb and the Ugly
on Ambi-Ant Beatz
Green Ant, 2000
track: Atmosphere 145

with Dreamland Happy Times for All
on Kraftworks
Spill, 2002
track: Showroom Dummies

with bucketrider
on Andrew Entsch Tribute, Live at the Empress
track: Good Oil