candlesnuffer aka david brown

... his face is asking for brick ...

with bucketrider
adoration of the lamb CD
Dr Jim's, 1998

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Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
When I reviewed a newer release from this amazing Australian jazz/noise/rock unit last month, we sold most of our copies. Whereas last month's Bucketrider cd consisted of three horns plus rhythm team, this cd was recorded in '96 and features just a trio of Tim O'Dwyer on alto sax, David Brown on guitar & Sean Baxter on drums with no (great) bassist in sight. This one is much noisier and does have some twisted/ hilarious/ screaming vocals. 'the adoration' is more tight post-punk noise squalor, extreme noise-blasting insanity, way over-the-top and in your face. Some of the song titles are just little pictures, while others have funny titles like "courtney-oprah-who" and "killed, grilled & chilled". There are no actual lyrics found here, just Eye-like screaming and other weird non-verbal vocal sounds. These dudes can & do stop on a dime, giving them a sort of Naked City like hyper-tight sound or Japanese punk/noise trio like early Ground Zero. This is complete blast with almost no let-up. This cd is subtitled "dave mustaine is full of shit", the lines have been drawn. Not for the faint hearted, sucker