candlesnuffer aka david brown

... you have been tricked by this mysterious figure ...

as candlesnuffer
candlesnuffer CD
Dr Jim's, 2001

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Mark Rayner, Inpress Magazine
...With loose erratic structures, the bizarre sounds are filled with a crazed though finely honed sense of nuance and an uncomfortable feeling of foreboding, because you can never really predict what will happen next. Though this provides an undeniable rush of excitement, with a release of this nature there's always the potential for sensory overload.Candlesnuffer successfully manages to avoid this due to its innate diversity, integrating frantic twitching and squeaks with brutal guitar torture, strange experimental almost ambient twitterings, free jazz improvisation and other more atmospheric though nonetheless erratic drones. That's the beauty here, each track being such a departure from the last, off on its own unique tangent and providing for some truly arresting sounds... ... On an instrument where only a handful of players are actually doing something new and interesting, Brown shows up the rest of the guitar playing public by suggesting that what they have in their hands is really a diverse and interesting piece of equipment. Something capable of creating some amazing, imaginative and previously inconceivable sounds...

Dan Warburton, The Wire
Brown is one of the prime movers of a fertile and energetic oceanic music scene that has been steadily gaining momentum in recent times. Under the candlesnuffer moniker, he uses guitars and numerous electronic effects and treatments (with the help of Philip Samartzis) to produce a music that sits proudly and stubbornly between genres, marrying the crunch and speed of Improv with the texture and density of the noisy end of electronica.