candlesnuffer aka david brown

... money's dark night ...

with bucketrider
guignol's band CD
Dr Jim's, 1998

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François Couture, Allmusic
The group can spin into chaos like a Dervish dancer and suddenly lock into highly precise avant-jazz riff before literally splitting in half, the brass and rhythm sections pursuing separate agendas...
...But the album reaches an unsurpassed highlight in "Old Babylon" in which after stating the theme on shwarm and soprano sax, Simmons and O'Dwyer both switch to bass clarinet and along with Brown drag the tune into the depths of their low register.

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
...harmonies then erupt with disturbing tension and harmonies that are rich with melodic invention, all within the same piece! Their piece for Conlan Nancarrow approaches his player piano density level for three screaming horns - no small feat!