candlesnuffer aka david brown

... maladroit ...

with bucketrider
Le Baphomet CD
Dr Jim's, 2001

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Andrew Kettle, RealTime
This is the music I would expect to hear drifting down from multi-story, inner-city, high-density-living apartment buildings. The album has all the disturbing, psychotic elements to make this way of living understandable. It drives you on and shares no remorse for a restrained lifestyle. With little consideration for boundaries or directions of horizon, it goes mad in the most subtle way. And while another listen to the work would seem a challenge to the body corporate, you would do it, carelessly, because the bass in Nervemeter (track 8) is telling you to throw your patio furniture into the swimming pool 20 stories below. Without doubt this is the modern lounge music that witnesses 30-something executives associating more with American Psycho than Breakfast at Tiffany's.