candlesnuffer aka david brown

... a bridge between virtuosity and pub-ugliness ...

with Bucketrider
L'Événements CD
Dr Jim's Records, 2004

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François Couture, Allmusic
..."Tesliana" and the lugubrious "Brian Mannix" deserve a place in the group's live sets for decades to come - the latter's bass part may be the meanest riff David Brown has committed to record yet...

Andy Hamilton, The Wire
...The penultimate track, "Earlewood", sets up a compelling loose groove. For obvious geographical reasons Australian bands struggle for recognition outside the Antipodes, but Bucketrider surely deserve the success of compatriots The Necks. Their celebration of a failed revolution is a riotous artistic success.

Bob Baker Fish, Cyclic Defrost
...That's what Bucketrider do best, high low and noisy in your face art that gives you finger while you try to determine just how the hell they managed to pull it off.